You think somebody is using your electric supply?

Geovany Medhurst asked a question: You think somebody is using your electric supply?
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You would not be the first person to have someone else tap into your electric power. If you are in a detached house, it is fairly easy to find out. Turn off everything in the house. Leave the circuit breakers on. Have someone stand outside by the meter. See if the meter still runs. (You may need to turn off the breaker to the hot water.) If the meter is still running when nothing in the house is turned on, you can call the power company to come out and check.

Electricity is stolen with surprising frequency, and you may be footing the bill. High electric bills, power cords that leave your property and meter tampering can all indicate that someone is using your electricity rather than paying for his own. Contact your electric company if you suspect theft.

Keep an eye on your bills. If you notice that your usage starts to increase without any other explanation, there’s a chance that someone is stealing your electricity. However, it’s important to first rule out other reasons for a high energy bill. If energy theft is indeed to blame, there’ll often be other signs. These may include: Changes to your wiring.

Checking for Electricity Theft. If you do suspect theft there are three things you can do: 1. Switch everything off then check the meter. Switch every electrical item in your house off and then check to see if you meter is still turning. If power is still going through your meter then you need to find out where it is going.

Contact your energy supplier. You can find their details on your energy bill, or if you don’t have this to hand see: Find out who your gas or electricity supplier is (opens another website) Contact the UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA): Call: 0207 090 1070; Complete the UKRPA online fraud report form. Report the theft anonymously using the stayenergysafe website.

Step 2. Examine your electrical wires. Examine your wires. For electricity to be stolen, somebody must tap into your system, most likely between your electric meter and the spot where your main electrical wires enter your house. Do not touch the wire under any circumstances, but visually inspect the wire between your meter and your house.

When someone suspects you of stealing electricity, you will receive a visit from a revenue protection officer. These people have the power to cut off your electricity on the spot, and to recover the cost of all the electricity you have stolen. Fail to comply, and you may face criminal charges. Electricity theft is a dangerous game

You can: Use their online Find My Supplier search tool Call them on 0870 608 1524. They can also give you your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). This tells your energy supplier where your meter is and your gas supply number.

You can also find out further information about the risks of energy theft, and report instances of energy theft anomalously, via the CrimeStoppers Stay Energy Safe website or by calling 0800 023 2777. Please see ‘Complaints’ if you have an issue with your supplier.

You struggle to notice the usage on your meter I would think. Compare bills this year with last year or earlier. A energy monitor would show electric usage better I think,they show daily, weekly and monthly usage, some energy suppliers offer them free.

If inflated rates violate an agreement that you had with your supplier, check the cost (per kWh) and make sure it is similar to the rate charged by your public utility. Some bills tell you what ...

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