Youtube how to make a electric rod for nightcrawlers?

Kallie Shields asked a question: Youtube how to make a electric rod for nightcrawlers?
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Catch worms faster than ever before! Plug it in and watch the worms jump out of the ground! This is an easy way to catch all of the fishing bait you will eve...

Using electricity to catch tons of worms for fishing bait. The worm tazer is basically a series of probes that shock worms out of the ground. I caught a lot ...

This is a short how to video on catching nightcrawlers. This is a short how to video on catching nightcrawlers.

Cover the entire wire-wrapped area, including the top part of the metal rod, with electrical tape. Place each metal rod about 8 inches into the ground with 10 to 12 inches of space between them. Plug the electrical cord into a socket, and be careful not to touch the rods. Wait for worms to come out of the ground.

get a metal rod, length isn't critical, i use about 3 ft. make an insulated handle, a piece of rubber hose 6 in long and electrical tape will work, or drill a hole the size of the rod in the end of a piece of broom handle. stick the rod in the ground. take the ONE ( 1) stripped wire, wrap it around the rod, secure with tape.

An electric worm probe will allow you to harvest worms right from the ground and avoid paying for a new package of worms each time you go fishing. Items you will need. 4 feet of insulated, single-strand electrical wire. Wire cutter. Wire stripper. 2 plastic-handled screwdrivers.

That’s why you need to schedule your worm hunt at a right time and make sure they are in a good habitat after they’re caught so you can keep them alive in time for your fishing trip. How to Catch Nightcrawlers With Electricity. Using a car battery is a very effective method in electrocuting worms for them to come out of their homes.

An effective worm shocker can be easily made with a few common household supplies, including an extension cord, electrical tape, wire nuts and a metal rod. Although using electricity to drive worms out of the ground after rainfall can be much easier than shoveling soil, homemade electrical devices carry risks and should not be handled by the ...

Install the rod in a location near the electrical panel. Ground rods need to be installed in the ground outside in a spot where they can be hammered 8 feet (2.4 m) into the ground. There is no requirement for how close or far from a building they should go, but be sure to pick a spot that is convenient to get to and where you will have space to ...

How to Catch Tons of Nightcrawlers (Earthworms) Whether you're a fishing enthusiast looking to save on bait, an entrepreneur planning to sell worms for profit, or simply a lonely soul hoping to coax nightcrawlers out of the ground for their good company, there are a number of ways you can get earthworms to come to the surface.

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